Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was also a Polaroid user

                                       Have you or your parents ever had a Polaroid?

It wasn’t my first camera but most liked one. I remember it was my father’s but let me use it. It was great experience. Take a frame, catch moment press the button and get your ready printed photo. It was very easy. Last time I’ve visited my family. I’ve find this camera in my room. It was workable but finding film of this camera just like impossible today. Whatever, Polaroid has great place in my photo experience.

How Polaroid developed?

Polaroid is the most popular self-developing film formerly made by Polaroid Corporation. Modern instant cameras credited by American scientist Edwin Land. In 1948 he unveiled first commercial instant camera. The first instant camera consists of single dark room, objective and film which were invented by Samuel Shlafrock. Nowadays, changing in camera sector effected Polaroid very badly. In February 2008 Polaroid shut down 3 factories and lay off 450 workers.

How does it work?

Cameras which I've used: Zenit-E, Samsung with classic Kodak film
and Polaroid.
This kind of instant cameras used roll film, which has been discontinued.  Roll film had 3 sizes, 40, 30, 20 series. Later cameras utilized pack film. Pack film initially was offered rectangular format than square format. Form image manipulation side, SX-70 had a strong following from artists. Also Polaroid manufactured instant still-image cameras. It was 8 mm. they called this Polavision.

and others…

Fujifilm also, introduced instant cameras in Japanese and Asian markets. They called their instant camera Fotoroma. Early 1980’s Polaroid and alternatives was popular. In truth Fujifilm couldn’t sell any Polavision cameras in the US officially.

With Polaroid I’ve took a lot of photos which even now I can find them in my albums at parent’s home. May be more than 400. Every Polaroid film had 10 shoots. It means you can print 10 photos at once. Images was going to be ready in 1 or 2 minutes. It was great. You are taking a paper which printed by camera and there were nothing till 1 or 2 minutes pass. 

written by: Agil Yusif ©